Bluewater Hill | Westport, CT


Our Xanadu project received the highest honor in luxury real estate, a prestigious Inman Golden I Award for best sales and marketing campaign for a luxury development in 2022.

Most importantly, it found perfect new owners.



Xanadu means “a vision in a dream, an idealized place of great magnificence and beauty”. Such began our story at 11 Bluewater Hill in Westport. Our clients created a sanctuary imbued with color, texture, light and every luxury amenity imaginable. The incomparable location is a rare jewel, an opportunity that comes along a handful of times, and frankly it sells itself. The home on the other hand is special, and it needed buyers that were energized by its uniqueness and singular style. The owner/designer chose us because she felt “we got the vibe” and that our enthusiasm and appreciation would easily translate in our representation. 

For us, it was a gift that the owners gave us free reign to present the property in the way our creative spirits envisioned. It gave us the opportunity to flex our storytelling muscles and pull out all the stops.

The result, the perfect buyers were exactly who our research identified. The confidence we had in our opinions about how best to position and style the property paid off. Had we gone the way of vanilla the right buyers would not have been drawn to the property. Sometimes, having the courage and conviction to celebrate something for what it is, rather than trying to make it fit everything it is not, is where experience matters.


Website & Virtual Tour

Hand crafted specifically for Xanadu in collaboration with our friends at DotThink Design, this elegant and comprehensive site serves as the best virtual tour and the most comprehensive way to organize all the incredible details in a way that’s easily shared.  It showcases the hundreds of beautiful images and multiple videos, plus all the fits, finishes and designer flourishes.

Highlights & Results