We Tell Stories That Sell 

Each space has its own unique story and aesthetic. Our passion
is capturing that essence with strategy, design and targeted marketing to reach the right buyer for each home.


Strategic / Emotive / Beautiful

Our team of artists create memorable, distinctive materials that resonate emotionally with the right buyer. From models to full on events & carefully staged vignettes we use photography and film to paint a picture of what it feels like to be in the home and part of the community.

A Talent Like No Other

" Carrie's talent for telling the story of a home is like no other we've ever met (and we've bought and sold several homes over the years and worked with a variety of brokers). She gets to know the home and its owners and then communicates not only the necessary selling terms, but she delves into all the small details that 99% of listings overlook or cannot fit. The special part of the story truly lies in the details. "

- Lynne & Mark 


Visual Storytelling

Our hand crafted, one-of-a-kind web pages will have your home looking fabulous and every detail accounted for!

Your virtual tour is an unbranded, sharable copy of your custom page. So much time and effort goes into creating your custom site we want to make sure that’s exactly what the buyers see everywhere.

Sites include photo galleries, lifestyle films, clever copywriting, rich floor plans and detailed specifications of fits and finishes.


From Storyboard To Film

It begins with an idea, then we storyboard, stage the scenes with props, flowers, food and occasionally models. We bring in a crew including a director, videographer, aerial specialists, and set photographers. In the past we've featured multi-generational families, horses, James Bond'esq models and breathtaking time lapses.


Made by us, with love.

One of the most effective vehicles to communicate a feeling is with film. Every Spaces production is unique.  Our in-house film crew creates a bespoke lifestyle video for each luxury project. We personally storyboard, direct, film, and even edit our projects. Focusing on the value additive strengths of each property, including the location and vibe of the space. We are intensely passionate about what we do and it shows in every story we craft.


PR & Social Media

From pre-listing articles on The Wall St. Journal to mainstream sites like Mansion Global, or local publications like Cottages & Gardens - we'll use all our stunning imagery to make your home famous. 

Our social reach includes not only our Spaces channels, we have global exposure with our RE/MAX Collections platforms. 

Branding As Unique As Your Space

You are our brand. Your home deserves a narrative and style all its own. Every Spaces project get its own unique identity, logo, style and cadence. Special properties deserve marketing as original as their current and future owners. Naming a property creates a brand identity that elevates its market appeal.

Staging & Styling

Furniture, flowers, food & drinks, models and more. We approach each space and consider what might improve the warmth and atmophere to give it that editorial magazine quality feel. In some cases we use digital staging to finish a new, unfurnished space or show different options visually.


Custom Brochures

Your custom property brochure is crafted to include all the highlights, beautiful photography, detailed descriptions and building specifications, as well as colored floor plans and digital staging or rendering when needed.

Professionally printed and saddle stitched with a heavy cover on luxe matte paper.

These are available for showings, open houses and in person promotional events as well as mailings to HNW potential buyers.