Pinewood Trail | Trumbull, CT

Sold Sight Unseen

A favorite success story of ours, and a career first. Marketing so comprehensive the buyers fell in love with the property on-line and snapped it up day one, sight unseen.

Magic, indeed

Pinewood was an evolutionary process. Our clients and dear friends reached out two years before we actually put their home on the market. This gave us the opportunity to plan and strategize and it gave me time to photograph their incredible property at it’s best with all their lush summer landscaping. When the time was right for them to make a move out west it was full on winter here in Connecticut. No matter, it was summer online in all it’s blooming glory.

The other significant benefit of planning ahead is the time spent pre-packing, organizing, de-cluttering, and styling can be done at your own pace, over weeks or months. The end result is a perfectly tailored and inviting atmosphere that also photographs beautifully. 

Taking the time to curate all the details for the copywriting also goes a very long way in supporting the investment value.  The cost per foot is significantly different in a fully custom designer home vs a new construction vanilla box. Materials and quality matter, and how you present that information is everything!

Proof of that lies in the fact that the new out-of-state owners found the home online, fell in love, and easily understood this was a singular opportunity they would not see again. Being savvy buyers they knew it was  likely to be gone before they could see it in person. They told us they had the confidence to agressively make the purchase because we had done such a thorough job with the presentation and depth of information.

We can proudly say, in this case, our marketing really does speak for itself.

Website & Virtual Tour

Your virtual tour online is one place other than brilliant photography that you can capture a buyers attention and start to build interest and excitement.
Having a stellar site with rich images, fluid video, comprehensive details and brilliant copy is how marketing translates into action.
See for yourself, we bet you want to see this house after seeing the site, you might even dream about spending a relaxing weekend there.

Kind Words

Sold Sight Unseen

“Carrie’s work speaks for itself. She is an artist and a professional, plain and simple. Her work is worthy of an oscar nomination. It was essential to create the magic online. From her photography, videography, and visual storytelling we sold our house in two days, sight unseen, for way above asking. No sign out front, no open house. It doesn’t get any better than that!”

– Dale & Joanne Parsons

We have known Virginia and Carrie for many years.  First through our business dealings and later we became reacquainted through a mutual friend.  We always knew that if we should decide to move we would ask them to sell our house for us.  We expected they would do an excellent job for us.  What they delivered far exceeded these expectations.

It started when Carrie volunteered to photograph our gardens two years before we had even decided to sell our house.   She understood that the timing of a listing doesn’t always coincide with the summer season and the story of our house could not be told without the summer garden photos to go along with it.

And then things really got going when it was Virginias turn to come up to bat.  Starting with the ringing of the doorbell promptly at 9:00 am she had us going with the discipline of an army boot camp.  After a cup of coffee and a cheery pep talk it was all hands on deck.   Two weeks later we three felt like proud school kids excited to show Carrie what a good job we had done in getting the house ready for her photographs.   Let me tell you,  it wasn’t easy to convince my husband to put away his lifetime collection of tribal masks, artifacts and spears.  But when Virginia said “Jump” he said “how high”?

And then there was the week that we went off to buy our lot in Utah;  they took that opportunity to take the night shots of our house.   They turned on every light in the house inside and out including the attic lights without us here to show them where the switches are.  And we could not have been more delighted when without us asking they hired a professional drone photographer to take the aerial  photos and videos.  Their patience with us was tested when we asked them to come back more than once to reshoot a room or two. They never made us feel like we were taking too much of their time or asking too much.  They let us be the boss.

Carrie’s work speaks for itself.  She is an artist and a professional, plain and simple.  She takes excellent photos and edits them into a video and online brochure that is worthy of an Oscar nomination.   During these Covid times it was especially absolutely essential  to create the magic online.  Carrie made that happen and in spades!

But as they say, “The Proof is in the Pudding”.  In the end  we sold our house in two days; cash offer  for more than asking price, sight unseen, with no contingencies, no inspection plus the buyer granted us the 4 months that we needed to move out until the closing.  No sign out front and no open house.   It doesn’t get any better than that!

I need to mention one of my favorite memories  about this experience.  I call it;  “Service with a cherry on top”.  In addition to getting the job done well, we all had a lot of fun and we laughed a lot.   Selling a house that you have built and loved for 30 years isn’t easy to do.  But thanks to Virginia and Carrie we will remember this time with the pleasure and not the pain.

And for their parting gift we have a professionally done photographic record of our home and property.  Thirty years of memories all wrapped  up with a bow.  This will be an invaluable momento to us in the  years to come to help refresh our memories of the house we were  married in, where we raised our son, the house we tore down and rebuilt again and that we have called home for over thirty years.

I call this “Service Above and Beyond the Call of Duty”.  Service that far exceeded our expectations!